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The "Sheer Pleasure of Sound" Seminars & Conferences cover a variety of aspects about sound-engineering in depth with masters of the scene.
When recording acoustic music, nothing is more important than achieving a great “depth of field” while maintaining the physical integrity of the instruments. A comparison of today’s recordings from those of the 50’s and 60’s reveal that there hasn’t been much progress in this domain as the majority of today’s jazz recordings sound small. The "Sheer Pleasure of Sound" Conference will cover a variety of aspects in depth in a series of speeches, open forum discussions and workshops. The conference “Sound Masters” will provide their unique insights on how to achieve quality results in the recording studio.  
The "Sheer Pleasure of Sound" seminars are about:
Obtaining a sound that has the ability to transfer emotion to the listeners - that’s really what it’s all about. Our “Sound Masters” will discuss real solutions to real problems, straight-forward and direct. 
About the locations
Jazzcampus Basel: (Day one)
The recording sessions on the first day take place at Basel's Jazzcampus. An academy, a music school, a jazz club, a meeting place, and a building complex unique in Europe: the Jazzcampus of the Musik-Akademie Basel and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW is all this and much more. It is a place for jazz, for musicians, for culture lovers in Basel, for the region and for jazz enthusiasts from Switzerland and from all over the world. A magnet for a relatively young music genre that is alive here and that is supported and propagated in and for Basel and beyond. The Jazzcampus houses a fully modern recording room which includes a large Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. The Control Room is equipped with a state of the art Undertone Audio Console – the last that the company built. 
The Mics:
For the “Sheer Pleasure of Sound” event, Daniel Dettwiler will provide all microphones from his unique collection. This collection stands today as one of Europe’s most impressive selections of new and vintage microphones. It includes mics such as the Neumann M50's, M49's, and many U47’s, U67’s and 77’s. It also contains many KM56’s, 54’s, 84’s. Also, older Bottle Mics such as the CMV3 and 5, the BV30a, RCA's, Coles, Melodium Ribbon Mics, Brauner VM1, Akg C12 – you name it! 
Idee und Klang Studio: (Day 2 and 3)
The mixing studio, built by Daniel Dettwiler in 2005, is one of Europe’s finest venues for the mixing of acoustic music. It features a Cadac G Series console that once belonged to "Scorpio Sound Studio". This is the very console that was used to record Queen’s "A Night At The Opera" – including Freddie Mercury’s Lead Vocals for the band’s classic "Bohemian Rhapsody". The studio also has a top selection of the finest outboard and many great reverb options which include the Lexicon 480 and 960, a Quantec Yardstick, a Sony DRE 777, EMT 140 and a Bricasti M7. 
Main Idea
The Sheer Pleasure of Sound Seminars and Conferences were founded by Daniel Dettwiler and organized by the Idee und Klang Studio Switzerland, with the help of other companies. 
Daniel is a well known engineer in Switzerland and Germany, always looking to get the best possible sound in his production. He has recorded at Studios such as Abbey Road Studios, Air Studios, London and Teldex Studios Berlin and with artist such as the London Symphony Orchestra, WDR Bigband, Mark Turner, Fred Frith and many more. He is becoming more well known and respected by his peers further afield.
"Idee und Klang engineer Daniel Dettwiler does awesome recording and mixing - with such an incredible array of artists. This stuff sounds wonderful!!  So big and open... he's an incredible, amazingly talented engineer." (Eric Valentine)
"I will say that Daniel has the best ears and mind that I have ever met... He is a true master, he has created reference quality recordings, and I consider his opinions beyond reproach." (Casey Dowdell, Bricasti)
"It’s really spectacular. Daniel has done a fantastic job with the mix!" (Jonathan Allen, senior sound engineer at the iconic Abbey Road Studios)
The Idee und Klang Studio is a world class mixing facility. It is best known for the legendary Cadac G Console, which was originally located at the “Scorpio Sound Studio" London, and was used to record and mix hits for Queen and Supertramp. Mastering monitors from Strauss Elektroakustik and a top-notch selection of the finest outboard gear available makes this studio a place were great music can be created.
"Wow, Wow, WOW!!!!! What a great place!!!
(Sylvia Massy, Sound Engineer - Prince, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M.)
The Sheer Pleasure of Sound 2019 was brought alive with:
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